After a sweaty mud filled walk with 6 bags, 1 half broken tent and 2 heavy hangovers The Canvas Tribe was born. The memories of the last few festival filled days, new friends and old, good food and better booze became a hazy blur as we said yet again –

‘we’ll camp better next year’

Festivals were our happy place. Yet, with every snapped tent pole and unceremonious squat behind a noodle truck, the shine dulled a little.

Surely there’s a better way?

After a bit of digging and a lot of dreaming we decided to create the ultimate under-the-stars adventure for our fellow festival goers.

At The Canvas Tribe, we believe your camping experience should be just as slick as the main event. We take care of all the stressy bits -the setting up, the packing down, the passive aggressive stares at your tent building buddy- so you can focus on the fun.

We’ll also make sure your foray into the wilderness doesn’t leave a sparkly footprint. We proudly source sustainable, eco-friendly produce -from plastic-free toiletries to solar lighting- because we’re happy to repay nature’s favour.

Whether you’re up for a 4-day festival extravaganza à la Kate Moss 2005 or a serene overnight slumber under the stars- we’ll keep the festival vibes and charm; but add a little comfort for your partying pleasure.

Take a peek at our instagram to see what canvas based adventures we’re up to…

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We truly adore festivals. We love the music, the dancing and the crossing paths with new tribes. But for all the laughter and new discoveries, we wish our planet wasn’t the one taking the hit.

Over the past few years, we’ve become increasingly frustrated with the waste left behind once the curtain falls and the party’s over. That’s why we’ve tasked ourselves with a no trace, no waste policy.

Aside from ensuring we leave no trace of our temporary havens wherever we go, we have aligned ourselves with suppliers and organisations that share our earth loving values.

We use only organic bed sheets and eco-conscious pillows and furnishings. Plus, all of our lights are LED and solar powered, and our festival survival kits are entirely vegan and plastic-free - provided by the amazing LOWTOXBOX.

We’ve also partnered with Jerry, who give 100% of their profits to water projects around the world. All of our survival kits come with a Canvas Tribe branded bottle and coordinates to the amazing projects you’re supporting while you stay hydrated!

For us, it’s about conscious living and giving a little back to our glorious planet.